Resolve Services

Learn about the process, repairs and contractors involved in simplifying and managing home restoration projects through Resolve by Lowe’s.

Resolve Services

Resolve offers a complete, streamlined process for homeowners who need help with home emergencies or home repairs. Whether you need water removal due to flooding or water damage, or fire restoration services, Resolve will connect you to the appropriate contractors in its nationwide network of highly qualified professionals. Each project is monitored by a dedicated Resolve Project Specialist, who serves as a primary contact for homeowners to communicate with throughout every phase of the project.

The contractors in Resolve’s network are experts in all types of restoration and repair work including disaster recovery from fire, flood and storm damage as well as interior, exterior and total home repairs such as roofing and flooring. Every homeowner’s situation is unique, and sometimes a specific job may include contractors from more than one specialty (or, as we call them, trades). For example, a water damage job may include water removal services done by a water mitigation contractor and home repairs performed by a general contractor. No matter what type of issue you’re dealing with, Resolve is there to help you find the best professionals and deliver exceptional customer service, resulting in a smooth repair process. 


Disaster Recovery

If you’re dealing with flooding, water damage, fire/smoke damage or the aftermath of a storm, Resolve can help with multiple types of disaster recovery and cleanup. Plus, when a response is needed quickly, Resolve can have a contractor contact you within one hour and at your door within four hours with equipment to perform emergency services.


  • A water mitigation company is the type of contractor specializing in flood/water damage. Its services include assessing the extent of water damage in your home, placing equipment in water-logged areas to help minimize the damage, removing the water and drying out the home. Depending on the extent of the damage, it could take anywhere from two to seven days for the drying process to be completed.
  • If your home needs major repairs, demolition could be performed, including removal of parts of water damaged walls, flooring and ceiling. These areas may also be tested for how dry they are, at which time a contractor will recommend the proper repairs to return your home back to its original state.


  • The amount of smoke and fire damage your home has experienced will determine the extent of cleanup, which may include placing industrial strength equipment such as a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum, air scrubber or ozone machine in your home to clean and purify the air.
  • In addition to chemical and surface cleaning, you may also need to remove some of the contents of your home (furniture, clothing and electronics) to prevent further damage or for cleaning.
  • In severe situations, demolition and repairs may need to be performed by a restoration contractor including repairs from subsequent water damage from when the fire department extinguished the fire.


  • During emergency situations involving storm, water, fire or smoke damage, your home’s doors and windows may need to be secured until repairs can be made. Tarps may be placed where roof damage (or chimney/vent damage) has occurred to stop water intrusion.
  • In most cases, Resolve has the capacity to assist with a single full-service vendor that can handle everything from mitigation to complete rebuild.


Total Home

  • Services by general contractors will usually include pulling permits with the city/county to get approval to perform repairs such as demolition, drywall and insulation.
  • Contractors will either use their own staff or sub out work to other local vendors to assist with electrical, plumbing or other specialty trades.

The information and advice contained in this article is intended as a general guide for informational purposes only. It does not take into account your personal situation. While we at Resolve have significant experience and history operating in the home restoration industry and working closely with construction contractors, we are not licensed as a general or specialty contractor. We encourage you to consider the information we’ve provided but urge you not to rely upon it in place of appropriate professional advice from a licensed, experienced construction contractor.  

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